Mickoski Calls for Unity and Unification

“Holy brothers Cyril and Methodius are our light, our window to the world, our priceless treasure that we hand over to humanity with great hope and great will. Saints Cyril and Methodius left a work that is not only ahead of time, but a millennium later defeats time and remains shining before people,” noted VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski from Ohrid. “They belong to the civilized world, and we as their cradle, as well as the country and people from which that seed originated, these enlighteners fully agree to be celebrated by all nations in the civilized world to which they gave speech, letters, literacy and enlightenment. But at the same time, let me be equally loud and disagree with the irrationality of the policy of the eastern neighbor who denies all our connection with these holy brothers and our human and civilizational right to rely on their work and lay claim to their heritage. And in those negative policies of theirs, not only is there no historical support, but it is becoming more and more obvious that there is no foundation on which this Macedonia rests and a people that they do not want to shake strongly,” Mickoski said. He said that the people who are in apathy should not be disappointed, to show that there are many more chances behind the dark horizon which, as he said, we must change together. According to him, there is no offer of a ship that we have to board for the EU, in parts or in whole. There is, he says, work, effort, reforms and principles that we must do to enter the EU, undisfigured and with dignity.