Verdict on “Modular Hospital” Case to Be Announced on 5 June

The court process in the case of the fire in the Tetovo modular hospital that broke out in September 2021 has ended. Due to the volume of the case, there will be a verdict next Monday, 5 June, at noon, said judge Jordan Velkovski after the closing statements of the prosecution and defense. The prosecutor’s office maintained that the two then directors and the doctor who was in charge of the covid center committed the crimes they were charged with and demanded that they be found guilty. The defense, on the other hand, believes that the Prosecutor’s Office failed to prove guilt and requested an acquittal. The lawyers of the defendants indicated several statements of witnesses who were heard during the court proceedings, who confirmed that the protocols for the presence of outsiders were observed in the modular hospital. The last word was given by representatives of the families of people who died or were injured in the fire in the modular hospital, and in the meantime, in front of the court in Tetovo, citizens gathered again for a peaceful protest to express their support for one of the accused, doctor Boban Vucevski.