US Embassy: All Political Parties Should Take Part in EU-Integration Processes

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev addressed an open letter to all European leaders and
institutions within the EU, in which he calls for the process for accession of North
Macedonia to be based on the fulfilment of the membership criteria, and not on, as he
states, lobbyist politics. “Instead of working towards the fulfilment of the conditions,
Skopje is betting again on active lobbying to cover up the lack of political will to meet the
membership criteria. The attacks and the language of hatred against Bulgaria are
intensifying, 'black lists are being introduced to ban Bulgarian citizens from entering the
country, the rights of the Bulgarian community are being trampled on – cases of physical
violence, administrative and judicial harassment against people with a Bulgarian self-
consciousness are becoming more frequent, of arson and shootings against their cultural
clubs, of constant threats to their jobs just because they are Bulgarians,” Radev writes in
the letter among other things.