Interior Minister Spasovski and SCPC on Trust Case-Related Developments

On Thursday, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said his institution was taking all actions according to its competences regarding the Trust case. The State Attorney said it had taken all measures and legal activities to protect the country’s property rights and interests.

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) suspects that people close to businessperson Sead Kocan, who’s in prison, generated incomes from construction of motorways and roads, while the equipment the court didn’t manage to confiscate from Transmet was used the whole time.

Regarding the Public Prosecutor’s Office’s reaction to its initiative regarding the matter, presented at Wednesday’s session, the SCPC asked the Office how it had described it as unfounded considering it still hadn’t been submitted it and the Office still hadn’t information about what type of evidence materials had been secured during the analyses of the matter.