Ex-DUI Vice-President Mexhiti: Ahmeti no Longer the Same Person

Ex-DUI Vice President Izet Mexhiti, who’s forming a new political movement, told Makfax on Monday that DUI leader Ali Ahmeti was no longer the same person.

“He’s not the same old Ahmeti. He is not managing the situation. He’s not the same in terms of his expression and in terms of his vocabulary. That shows anxiousness, that he’s afraid, and that he’s no longer comfortable,” Mexhiti stressed.

Mexhiti met on Monday with Alternative leader Afrim Gashi and BESA leader Bilall Kasami on the premises of Parliament. Joint action of the ethnic Albanian opposition bloc was agreed with regards to constitutional changes and potential early elections, Sitel reported. Mexhiti said the bloc needed to be united in order for DUI’s term as a ruling party to end. He will vote in favour of the constitutional changes.

He expects the cooperation to result in a coalition in the event of early elections. Gashi said it was unclear why Alternative’s amendment regarding the issue of Albanian language still hadn’t been accepted in “this period of constitutional changes”. However, asked about support for the changes, he said the party’s stand was it would not halt the EU integration path.