North Macedonia’s Institutions on OLAF Report Data

Commenting on the latest information about European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) data concerning North Macedonia, the Secretariat for European Affairs, which is the coordinator of EU funds for the country, said on Thursday other institutions had the data. The Finance Ministry has so far not given an answer about the matter.

Telma contacted the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Without giving a specific answer about the OLAF report, the Office pointed to two cases part of court proceedings. The two court processes referred to in its press-release, Telma said, according to available information, are the case of abuse of EU funds by the then-State Secretary at the Ministry of Information Society and a female co-worker of his, in 2021, and the case of the then-Director of the National Agency for Educational Programmes and Mobility, Lidija Dimova, together with two other persons, in 2020.

When it comes to the Agriculture Ministry, its stand is that one shouldn’t rush in terms of drawing conclusions regarding the OLAF report.