Ex-BESA Deputy Head Hoxha and MP Bajrami to Form New Political Party

Former Deputy President of BESA Arjanit Hoxha and MP Bastri Bajrami said on Thursday they would form a new political party. As Hoxha explained, he and multiple BESA members will start to function as a separate political formation. He added that the doors were open to those who wanted to be part of the project.

“We’re an organised structure,” Hoxha stressed, adding that it had a clear vision for the future of the country and its citizens. According to Hoxha, the structure supports the constitutional changes.

“Sure enough, it would have been much better for the interethnic cohesion had the proposed constitutional changes proposed also a correction of the term ‘20%’ regarding Albanian, but the responsibility for that falls to the submitter of the proposal,” Hoxha noted.