Skopje Mayor Arsovska Submits Initiative for Cair Street Name to Be Reinstated

On Monday Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska submitted an initiative for the previous name of Adem Demaci Street in Cair, Vtora Makedonska Brigada (Second Macedonian Brigade), to be reinstated.

“I call on all Council members to vote in favour of this draft- decision, which will fix the injustice towards 230 heroes, members of the Second Macedonian Brigade of all ethnic groups, who gave their life to defend Macedonia,” she stated.

Arsovska appealed for the initiative not to be politicised and abused to raise ethnic tensions. In response, Arsovska’s predecessor, Petre Silegov, said Vtora Makedonska Brigada Street had never been erased. As he added, Lovekjanska 9 Street was renamed to Vtora Makedonska Brigada Street.