Whitmer Proclaims September as Macedonian American Heritage Month

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has proclaimed September as Macedonian American Heritage Month in her state.

As she points out, Macedonian immigration to the United States has been ongoing for over a century, culminating in significant populations estimated at over half a million Americans of Macedonian descent living in the United States, while Americans of Macedonian descent have contributed to the fabric of American culture through their involvement in business, sport, art, politics, medicine, law, culture, the culinary arts, and countless other fields.

“September holds significance for Macedonian Americans as it marks the anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Macedonia, symbolising the country’s journey towards sovereignty and its enduring ties to the Macedonian American community,” the Michigan Governor stresses, adding that it is important to highlight the contributions and cultural impact of Macedonian Americans in the United States.