DUI Leader Ahmeti Asks why Mickoski is Talking about ‘Bulgarian Dictate’

In an interview with MTV1 TV, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti asks why VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski is talking about a “Bulgarian dictate” considering the proposal is a French-German one. According to him, if Bulgarians become a constitutional category, there will automatically be a distinction between Macedonians and the Bulgarian minority.

The US, EU, and NATO, the DUI leader adds, have for four years worked intensively for North Macedonia to make constitutional changes and for the Bulgarian minority to become a category in the document. Regarding the issue of ethnic Macedonians being able to say it is easy for him to talk about the constitutional changes and relations with Sofia because the identity of ethnic Albanians hasn’t been affected, he points out that fellow ethnic Macedonian citizens shouldn’t think that “we are working behind your back because this country is our too and we want to build the future here because we were born here.”