Kasami: Replacing ‘20%’ Wording Is Condition for Constitutional Changes

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, BESA leader Bilall Kasami says his party’s MPs will not support the constitutional changes until the term “Albanian language” replaces the so-called 20% wording. As he adds, it’s a joint stand of the opposition from the ethnic Albanian bloc that the replacement needs to be made.

“Until the Government sees no interests to hear our voice, we will not vote for the constitutional changes. Our position is clear,” Kasami points out. Regarding the issue of whether he appeared at the 15 September hearing over the developments related to Kosovan PM Albin Kurti’s visit to Tetovo, on 11 August, Kasami, who’s the Mayor of the Municipality, points out that he didn’t because he wasn’t in the country.

His view is that it was more of a politically motivated procedure. As Kasami stresses, the legal system has much more important topics to deal with than whether there was an oversight by him or not at a certain point in time.