Justice Ministry Responds to Blueprint Group’s Decision

The Justice Ministry has voiced a stand on the Blueprint Group for Judicial Reform’s decision to leave the working group for the new criminal code.

As the institution said on Monday, the group is independent in its work and so far, no pressure has been exerted over any provision on the body’s head or members.

“Regarding Blueprint’s stand, we consider that one shouldn’t rush when it comes to the procedures to leave the group early because, as Minister Krenar Lloga said, the working group preparing the new code didn’t participate in the changes adopted by Parliament.

Civil society’s contribution is very important because of its knowledge, longtime experience, and skills. The process to prepare the new code is fully inclusive and transparent. It needs to continue in that exact direction in order for there to be full reforms in penal obligations. This obligation stems also from the bilateral screening with the EU for adoption of a completely new code, aligned with international standards,” the Ministry points out.