PM Kovacevski: No Danger of Constitutional Crisis

Commenting on opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski’s comments that if the presidential and parliamentary elections are not held simultaneously next year, the presidential election process threshold will be uncertain, which will result in a repeat of procedures, PM Dimitar Kovacevski has said there is no danger of a constitutional crisis.

According to the PM, Parliament has all competences to schedule elections. As Kovacevski adds, he is against setting dates at a leaders’ meeting because that would derogate the legal system.

“A constitutional crisis occurs if constitutional and legal deadlines are not met. Currently, we have ahead of us a process. First, there’s presidential elections, which are followed by parliamentary elections. If we adhere to the deadlines prescribed by Parliament, according to the law and according to the Constitution, then, there’s no danger of any crisis,” the PM stresses.

Parliament Speaker Xhaferi is interested in organising a leaders’ meeting, but he doesn’t have confirmation that everyone would come.