Audit Office Report on Oncology Clinic Discussed at Parliamentary Committee

A tender for biological therapy worth a lot of money, one person deciding who will get expensive medicines, numbers about supplies not matching those in the accounting sector.

These are among the irregularities in the State Audit Office’s report on the Oncology Clinic, which has since the cytostatics scandal broke become part of the Prosecutor’s Office’s evidence, even though it was available to prosecutors as early as March. Maksim Acevski, head of the Office, who was part of the Finance and Budget Committee’s session on Thursday, stated that the monopoly behaviour of drug manufacturers and distributors had to be ended.

According to some MPs, the report itself is a sufficient reason why somebody should have been detained by now. “This report shows a system’s dysfunctionality. An organised system for crime. Not a clinic, but rather a concentration camp for patients trying to save themselves,” VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski said, claiming also that such activities were still carried out at the clinic. Ruling majority disagree, saying there was a pre-investigation.