Mickoski Criticises Kovacevski and Ahmeti over Stand on Leaders’ Meeting


Unprecedented things in the country are becoming a practice, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said on Thursday regarding the stand by PM Dimitar Kovacevski and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, who have rejected a leaders’ meeting.

“This way, the country may enter a political and constitutional crisis,” he stated. The joint opposition from the ethnic Albanian bloc, too, considers that the presidential and parliamentary elections should be held simultaneously, for financial reasons.

However, Ahmeti has reiterated he is ready to leave the Government if VMRO-DPMNE supports the constitutional changes, while Kovacevski’s stand is that he adheres to the offer made at the last leaders’ meeting, that is, for the opposition to vote in favour of the changes and for early elections to be scheduled right away.