EU Path Progress Depends on Country itself, PM and EU Ambassador Assess

PM Dimitar Kovacevski and Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador David Geer share the view that progress on North Macedonia’s EU path depends on the country itself.

The former expects for the constitutional changes to be made. According to Geer, though North Macedonia has support for integration, the homework has to be done. Regarding the issue of elections, the PM’s stand remains unchanged, that is, he said there would be regular elections, while the date will need to be set during the talks by the working group in Parliament.

Regarding the stand by VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski about 8 May being an acceptable date to hold both the second round of the presidential election and the parliamentary elections, Kovacevski didn’t give an official comment.

As he explained, until the parties solve the date issue in the frames of the working group, everything will be only wishes and speculations.

“I never communicate at a level of wishes and speculations,” he noted.