Solution to Reduce Officials’ Salaries Possible in Two-Three Weeks, Says PM

It will be known this month how much the salaries of officials, which rose in April by 78%, will be reduced. At the Government’s session on Tuesday, a decision wasn’t made because PM Dimitar Kovacevski was in Tirana.

The following day, the PM said a solution was possible in two-three weeks. However, he didn’t say how much the salaries would be reduced. Asked why the wages shouldn’t be reduced now, Kovacevski stated that he didn’t want to rush the law in order to avoid it being rejected again by the Constitutional Court.

Commenting on the matter, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani stated that politicians who said their salary didn’t matter to them shouldn’t be praised.

“When they say that, it’s like they say they don’t live off the salary. I live only off this salary and it matters to me. In this case, I understand those with salaries around the minimum one should be the priority. I think that’s key,” the Minister pointed out.