Oncology Clinic Committee of Inquiry: Vasev Quizzed by MPs

On Monday, former Oncology Clinic Director Nino Vasev was quizzed by MPs in the frames of Parliament’s Committee of Inquiry. Though he was asked numerous questions, he didn’t give precise answers.

Asked why there was so-called reverse procurement of therapy, Vasev presented a stand similar to the position of ex-Health Minister Venko Filipce, that is, he said he couldn’t allow therapy for patients to be stopped. Asked why the CATO system hadn’t been put into use, Vasev stated that it didn’t have an isolator and that later on, it had been concluded that the software was not fully functional.

According to him, since there was no isolator, eight nurses who worked on the system complained of health problems and asked for it to be removed. They even threatened they would quit if that wasn’t done, Vasev added.

This week numerous Clinic employees will be quizzed as well. When it comes to the trial of the nurse from the Clinic suspected of stealing cytostatics, it has been postponed for 4 December.