Georgiev: Council Ready for Discussions on Open Issues

“The Judicial Council functions and works to protect judges. For those reasons and motives, it’s our duty and we requested a meeting to talk to Supreme Court President Besa Ademi,” Council President Sasko Georgiev said on Monday.

The Council, he added, is at the disposal of any judge in terms of opening that discussion and putting itself in the function of protecting judges. Regarding Ademi, he said that it was necessary for her to come and present the allegations.

“The Council was and is ready for discussions on such open issues. I encourage her to notify the Council over all pressures and influences, and get, according to the law, protection,” Georgiev noted, calling all judges to notify the Council in the event of any influence.

Judge Ivica Nikolovski, who’s a member of the Council, stated that the body had a duty to protect judges and would do so.