Lloga Levels Accusations at Judicial Council and Kumanovo Court’s Manev

In an interview with TV21 on Monday, Justice Minister Krenar Lloga said Snezana Manev had been re-elected Kumanovo Court President even though she hadn’t passed the integrity test.

“This Judge failed the integrity test and was allowed to again head the Court. Yesterday, such a test was held for candidates. Those who didn’t pass it were eliminated,” Lloga pointed out.

According to him, Manev has also used offensive terms against ethnic Albanians. Regarding the Judicial Council, Lloga expressed readiness to reform the body. As he added, he has also declared an “open war” against both Manev and the Council.

The following day, in response to his comments, the Council said it didn’t intend to be at so-called war against anybody, least of all with the Justice Minister.

“The Council regularly sends to him materials about every session. We accept all well- intentioned criticism of us and of the judiciary, but the Justice Minister cannot allow himself to overstep his competences and say what work should be done by the Council and how,” the Council noted.