New Parliament Rules of Procedure Adopted after Incident Caused by Levica

Due to the rejection of their amendments to the Draft-Rules of Procedure, Levica’s two MPs, Dimitar Apasiev, who’s also the leader of the party, and Borislav Krmov, caused an incident in Parliament on Monday.

Krmov and Apasiev requested a vote on each of their 2.5 thousand amendments, not only on the 12 that had entered procedure. 82 MPs rejected the request for the Draft-Rules to be removed from the agenda. During a speech from the rostrum, Krmov called on Deputy Speaker Goran Misovski to interrupt the session. “According to Article 152, our amendments haven’t even been submitted. What grounds have been used to reject them? They don’t even have an archive number,” he told Misovski while holding documents and saying there were originals. Krmov then started to throw documents in the air and tore off Misovski’s monitor. Then, Apasiev joined him and they both started throwing documents at Misovski, who ordered a 30- minute break.

The tense atmosphere also saw Krmov throw the broken monitor to the ground. Later that day, the new Rules of Procedure was adopted with 83 votes in favour and two against.