Taravari Asks for Support from Party for Joining Ethnic Albanian Opposition

On Saturday, Alliance for Albanians leader Arben Taravari asked for support from party organs for joining forces with the ethnic Albanian opposition in the elections.

“Together, we will make the best for this country,” he said on social media.

As Taravari added, he has chosen to hear the voice of the people who today talk more clearly than ever. “The citizens demand change! The people demand a political system freed from the corruption epidemic that has become the biggest obstacle to the well-being and development of Albanians in North Macedonia,” the party leader stated.

He called on the party’s Assembly to support “this journey”. According to him, his party has the biggest credibility to make the change.

“This path will lead us where we belong, in the big European family, always fostering the constant alliance with the US and NATO, with which we share the same vision and same values,” Taravari pointed out.

Information Society and Administration Minister Azir Aliu, who’s part of Alliance for Albanians, supported Travari’s decision, as did Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti. On the other hand, Justice Minister Krenar Lloga, who’s the party’s Secretary General, said the only decision made so far was for the party to participate in the elections on its own.