New SCPC Composition Sworn in

In Parliament on Thursday, the new composition of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) was sworn in. It promised there would be new investigations and making of anti-corruption policies.

The SCPC will first go through the work of the previous composition in order to be able to resume that. Its imperative will be to protect societal integrity. According to the announcements by the new President of the body, Dusica Dimitrieska, political influence and pressures will not be tolerated.

The SCPC hopes for intensive cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office, media, and state institutions so that, as Dimitrieska pointed out, its cases can result in court verdicts. The fresh optimism is coming at a time when both the domestic and the international public have big expectations about combatting corruption, but also remarks that the problem should be urgently solved.