Eat, drink, and be merry!


Dine in or take-out. Whether you would like traditional Macedonian food or prefer Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian or any other cuisine, you will find it all in Skopje. The places where you could feel the Macedonian taste and spirit best are the national restaurants, usually brimming with traditional decorations, wood carvings and a friendly atmosphere.

The well-known Macedonian “kafana” is a tavern where traditional Balkan music is played and a wide range of delicious Macedonian food is provided for reasonable prices. A couple can have a salad (in Macedonia normally accompanied with rakija i.e. brandy – like the Italian Grapa), a soup, main course (usually grilled meat or the sort), and a bottle of decent wine, for approximately €20-30. Even in the better restaurants the main course usually goes up to only 10 Euro, unless it is some imported sea fish or some sort of rare delicacy.

The better Macedonian wines cost around €20 in restaurants, while the best ones – around €50. Since 2011, there are also some special selection Macedonian wines that cost around €100 per bottle.

What is most important – there is no foreigner that does not like Macedonian cuisine, especially the salads and breads. The food is reasonably and mildly seasoned and all vegetables taste like they should. Besides, if it happens that our cuisine is not to your taste, there are all kinds of other international restaurants that can suit your preferences.


Enjoy your meal!


Here’s a list of some of our finest restaurants:

‘Oreov Lad’, Saraj Sarajska 1, 1000 Skopje 02 2057 956, 02 2057 958

Lira’, ul.Nikola Tesla 11, 1000 Skopje 02 3061 726, 02 3093 678

Old house’, Pajko Maalo 14, 1000 Skopje 02 3131 376

Krigla’, Kliment Ohridski 18, Skopje 02 3117 869

Beer house ‘An’, Kapan An, Stara Carsija, 1000 Skopje 02 3212 111

Pelister’, Plostad Makedonija, 1000 Skopje 02 3239 584

Kaj Marshalot’, Bul. Kliment Ohridski, 1000 Skopje 02 3223 829

Kibo’, T.C.C. Paloma Bjanka, 1000 Skopje 02 3133 535

Plaza de Toros’, Kej 13 Noemvri 1000 Skopje 02 3228 155

Pizzeria ‘Enriko’, Shopping Center Leptokarija 02 3061 273