Skopje Taverns

Macedonian taverns have great traditional value for its peoples, and are the customary places for grabbing a bite during the day, and drinking during the night. In Macedonia, they hold the same regard as bars and pubs in other countries.

The Macedonian tavern, or “kafana” as the locals call it, is a great place to visit, not only for the experience, but the food and drink as well. They have cosy atmosphere, and are often adorned with exposed brick, stone or wooden surfaces, while displaying various Macedonian traditional items. The taverns have a wide selection of locally brewed and distilled alcohols, as well as a wide variety of Macedonian traditional foods, rich with the flavors of Macedonia.


Some of the recommended taverns around Skopje are as follows:




Vodenica Mulino


Furna, City Tavern 






La Tana

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