Laws in English

Constitutional law

Constitution Of The Republic Of Macedonia


Litigation and court procedure

Law on Academy for Training of Judges and Prosecutors (2006) 
Law on Courts (2006) 
Law on the Judicial Council (2006) 
Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office (2004) 


Electoral law

Electoral Code
Law on Electing Representatives in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
Law on Election Of President Of The Republic Of Macedonia
Law on Election of MPs
Law on Electoral Districts
Law on Local Elections
Law on Political Parties
Law on Polling Stations
Law on Referendum
Law on Voters’ List


Administrative / Public Law

Act on Citizenship
Act on Movement and Residence of Aliens (1992)
Law On General Administrative Procedures

Law on Administrative Fees
Law on Asylum and Temporary Protection
Law on Catering and Tourism Activity 
Law on Denationalization
Law on Foreigners 
Law on Games of Chance
Law on Protection of Cultural Heritage
Law on Protection of Cultural Heritage Changes and amendments 115/2007
Law on Public Procurement 136/2007
Law on Secondary Education
Law on prevention of conflict of interests 
Ombudsman Law


Criminal Law

Criminal Code
Criminal Procedure Code
Law on Execution of Sanctions
Law on Misdemeanors
Law on Money Laundering Prevention and other Proceeds from Crime
Law on preventing Corruption


Civil Law

Law on Leasing


Commercial Law

Foreign Trade Law
Law on Consumer Protection 2004
Law on Consumer Protection Amendment
Law on Consumer Protection In Case Of Consumer Loan Agreements
Law on Export Control Of Dual-use Goods And Technologies
Law on Free Economic Zones
Law on Product Safety
Law on Technological Industrial Development Zones 
Trade Law


Company law

Company Law
Law Against Limiting Competition
Law Against Unfair Competition, (Official Gazette 80/99)

Law On Protection Of Competition
Law Amending the Law on Protection of Competition 70/2006

Law on amending the Law on Protection of Competition 22/2007
Law on Associations of Citizens and Foundations
Law on Chamber of Commerce
Law on Public Enterprises
Law on Takeovers
Law on the Economic Chamber of Macedonia
The Trade Enterprise Law


Labor Law

Labor Relations Act
Law On Retirement And Disability Insurance
Law on Agencies for temporary employment
Law on Employment of Foreigners
Law on Equal Opportunities of Women and Men (May 2006)
Law on Labour Inspection


Mining Law

Law on Mineral Raw Materials


Insurance Law

Law on Insurance
Law on Insurance Supervision


Tax law

Customs Tariff Law
Law on Excise
Law on Financial Transactions Tax
Law on Games of Chance
Law on Property Taxes
Law on Utility Taxes
Law on Value Added Tax 
Personal Income Tax Law 
Profit Tax Law


Banking law

Banking Law (Revised)
Bankruptcy Law
Banks And Savings Houses Act
Foreign Exchange Law 
Law On Bills Of Exchange
Law On Cheques
Law on Accountancy
Law on Budgets
Law on Central Registry
Law on Cheques
Law on Deposit Insurance Fund 
Law on Fast Money Transfer
Law on Financial Police
Law on Foreign Credit Relations
Law on Investment Funds
Law on Micro-Financing Banks
Law on Registering Cash Payments
Law on the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia 
Payment Operations Law 
Public Debt Law
Securities Law 
State Audit Law


Communications and Media Law

Law on Classified Information (2004)
Law on Electronic Communications
Law on Free Access to Information 
Law on Interception of Communications
Law on Personal Data Protection (2005)
The Broadcasting Law


Transport and Maritime Law

Aviation Act – 2006
Aviation Act – Changes and Ammandments 2007
Regulations – Technical Requirements for Airworthiness


Environmental Law

Law on Environment
Law on Nature Protection 
Law on Waste Management 
Law on ambient air quality 


Intellectual Property Law

Law on Copyright and Related Rights
Law on Industrial property
Law on topography of integrated circuits


Energy law

Law on Energy


Construction law

Law on Construction Products



Law on Data in Electronic Form and Electronic Signature
Law on Electronic Commerce 133/2007