25 New Cases of COVID-19 in Past 24 Hours, 5 Patients Cured, One Dies

Health Minister Venko Filipce informed at a press conference on Wednesday that in the past 24 hours healthcare authorities registered 25 new cases of COVID-19 in the country, with which the number of cases in Macedonia reached 354. A 65-year old woman is the 11th victim of COVID-19 in Macedonia so far, while another 5 patients were discharged from the Clinic for Infectious Diseases after their condition significantly improved, and the two control tests they made turned out negative, with which the number of cured patients in Macedonia reached 17. Health Minister Filipce informed that control tests will be done on another 11 patients from Debar, whose condition has improved in the past few days. “At the moment, 59 patients with COVID-19 are hospitalised in health facilities around the country, the health condition of 12 of them is complicated, while 5 patients are hooked on medical ventilators. Four nurses from the department for infectious diseases in the hospital in Stip will be put in isolation after a patient they have been treating since 26 March was tested positive for coronavirus,” Filipce said.