Actions for removal of Vergina Sun from Public Surfaces starts

The units of local self-government started on Wednesday activities for removal of the Vergina Sun from public surfaces on recommendation from the Macedonian government. Employees from the PE for Communal Hygiene of Skopje started the action from the metal covers of the manholes in the centre of the city by scratching out with special tools the Vergina Sun carved on each of the covers. This was also confirmed by the Minister of Local Self-government Goran Milevski. “The ban on use of the Vergina Sun was introduced back in 1995, and it was not used by state or local institutions ever since, so I do not think citizens should be surprised by these activities,” Milevski says. The Prespa Agreement for resolution of the name issue between Macedonia and Greece contains obligation for Macedonia to ban the use of the Vergina Sun on public surfaces.