Activities organised to Mark 76th anniversary of Deportation of Macedonian Jews

The 76th anniversary of the deportation of Macedonian Jews was marked on Monday with several activities. FM Nikola Dimitrov laid flowers at the statue commemorating 7,144 Macedonian Jews that were in 1943 taken from Skopje to the Treblinka camp. As he said, even after 76 years, the pain, sadness and bitterness over the monstrous attempt to destroy the Jewish people are eternal. “What’s also eternal is our obligation, duty and honour to never forget what happened so that it is never repeated,” he added. Guests from Israel, members of the diplomatic corps and representatives of the Jewish community in Macedonia were among those who participated in the activities to mark the anniversary. PM Zoran Zaev delivered an address at an event the marking the anniversary, which was held at the Macedonian National Theatre. “Remembering the Holocaust victims is an obligation of ours,” he said.