Ahmeti: DUI Won in First Round in Saraj, Plasnica and Lipkovo

On Sunday night, DUI President Ali Ahmeti declared a victory in the local elections, adding that his party had won in the first round in Saraj, Plasnica, and Lipkovo. He added that DUI had a significant lead in Tetovo, Cair, Struga, Zelino, Tearce, and Bogovinje. When it comes to the coalition of Alliance for Albanians and Alternative, it declared a victory in Gostivar and Debar. It added its candidates would enter the second round in five municipalities. Alliance for Albanians leader Ziadin Sela levelled accusations of blackmail, pressures, and bribery. Also, he thanked all citizens who had the “courage to cast their vote”. BESA leader Bilall Kasami, who’s his party’s mayoral candidate for Tetovo, said the Municipality would have a new Mayor. “We’re winning in Tetovo,” he said, adding he expected all citizens to back him in the second round.