Amendments for Constitutional Changes supported by Parliament Committee

The Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs provided support for the amendments for changes to the Constitution of Macedonia listed in the Prespa Agreement. During the debate, the MPs Sonja Mirakovska from NSDP and Panco Minov from GROM voiced support for the interventions made to the amendments after the public debates and the debates in the Parliament. The MPs from the Alliance for Albanians and Besa noted that the constitutional category of citizenship, which after the implementation of the agreement will state “Macedonian/Citizen of Republic of North Macedonia” should instead only state “Citizen of Republic of North Macedonia”. Vice-PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani replied to their requests, saying that all interventions to the amendments are made in accordance with the Prespa Agreement and that the ethnic dilemmas are already resolved with the changes to the Constitution’s preamble, which once the process is complete, will also include the Ohrid Framework Agreement.