Armakolas: Prespa Agreement Foundation for Future Friendship

The Prespa Agreement is the foundation for the friendship between the two countries. It is unpopular to a certain extent in both countries, but important for them and the region, said Ioannis Armakolas of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) on Tuesday. Armakolas expects the process of the agreement’s implementation to be sensitive in Greece, but expressed optimism over the outcome. “We need to be honest and this is the foundation of future friendship. The agreement is not popular in Greece and will be equally sensitive as it is here now and in the coming weeks. However, I have learned to be more optimistic through the process of negotiations between the two countries over the past couple of years,” Armakolas told debate “Bridges or Walls? Macedonia and the Western Balkans in Europe” within the Civil Society Forum Skopje 2018.