Bajrami Murder in Greece: Killers Reportedly Came by Car

On Monday, media in Greece reported new information about the murder of Orhan Bajrami in Chalkidiki, Greece. According to the reports, police already have the videos from the villa where Bajrami and Sead Slezovic were staying. Reportedly, the two attackers got out of a car, jumped over the wall, and opened fire on Bajrami and Slezovic from close range.

Bajrami and Slezovic at that time were together with two women and another man, all of whom are citizens of North Macedonia. Citing police forces, the killers came by car, not by motorbike, media added. The vehicle, with foreign licence plates, didn’t cross Greece’s border-crossings, but the possibility that the killers left the car in Greece and crossed the border by using other means of transport is not being ruled out.