Borissov: Macedonian Politicians start to utter Truth of History

The PM Zoran Zaev met his Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borissov at the Summit of Heads of States of the West Balkans in Poznan, Poland. Zaev and Borissov discussed the ongoing political situation in the bilateral relations between the two countries, focusing on the disagreements over the ethnicity of Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delcev. Borissov praised the Good-neighbourliness Agreement signed between Macedonia and Bulgaria, saying it greatly contributes for better political and economic cooperation between the two countries. “We are satisfied that the truth about our shared history, including about Goce Delcev, is beginning to be uttered publicly by top politicians in Macedonia, such as the President of the country Stevo Pendarovski,” Borissov said. Both Zaev and Borissov agreed that Macedonia and Bulgaria share a lot of common history, and encouraged the mixed Macedonian-Bulgarian Committee to proceed with its good work in overcoming the differences in the historical context of the relations between the two countries. On Sunday, Bulgarian Vice-PM and FM Ekaterina Zaharieva said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television that Goce Delcev should unite Macedonia and Bulgaria, not divide them. “We share a lot of common history, and our cooperation and friendship culminated with the Good-neighbourliness Agreement, according to which Bulgaria pledges for promotion and validation of the only truth on this issue, and that is that Delcev was a Bulgarian revolutionist who pledged for freedom of Macedonia,” Zaharieva said.