BPPO: We Continue Investigation over “Zan Mitrev” Clinic Case

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office (BPPO) informed on Tuesday that they are still in a phase of collecting evidence in the case related to the “Zan Mitrev” private clinic in Skopje. The clinic came into the focus of the public’s attention after the publication of a documentary film created by the Research Reporters Laboratory (IRL) in which they reveal that the clinic conducted a clinical research about the method of hemofiltration among COVID-19 patients, without notifying the patients or their families that they are a part of an experiment, and not reporting cases of hospital-acquired infections during the procedures. Apart from BPPO, the clinic is also under investigation by the State Sanitary and Healthcare Inspectorate and the State Agency for Medications MALMED. Health Minister Bekim Sail said that the Health Ministry is ready to cooperate with all institutions and organisations over the resolution of this case. In meantime, from IRL they revealed that the family of one man who died of COVID-19 at the clinic filed criminal charges against the clinic and its owner and manager Doctor Zan Mitrev, but that BPPO has not processed the charges for more than eight months.