Commission with Negative Opinion on Name “Vancho Mihailov”

At Thursday’s session, the commission for the use of personal names gave a negative opinion on the use of the name Ivan Mihailov submitted by the Bitola association of the same name. The commission considers that the naming of the association Ivan Mihajlov is a provocation for the national feelings of the Macedonian people, taking into account that this is a person close to fascist ideology who, with his actions, denied the uniqueness of the Macedonian people, and at the same time causes impatience, intolerance and hatred in the Macedonian society. The “Ivan Mihailov” association will definitely be deleted from the Central Register, the Ministry of Justice told Kanal 5, after Minister Krenar Lloga signed the decision rejecting the request for approval for the use of the name of the Bulgarian club from Bitola as unfounded.