Counter Case: VMRO-DPMNE Continues to Level Accusations at Kovacevski

On Monday, VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov presented new details of, as he said, the Counter case. According to the opposition party, PM Dimitar Kovacevski and his best man, Goranco Paunov, founded PiKCELL Group on 3 November 2017, five months after SDS had formed the government. “So, Zaev is the PM, SDS is in power, while Kovacevski immediately after that becomes also the Deputy Finance Minister. Over the past five years, PiKCELL Group, founded by Kovacevski and Paunov has become a central company,” Lefkov noted. The new fact, it was added, the second company registered as contractor is KMG EOL Kvazar, founded by Paunov. “KMG EOL Kvazar receives the biggest number of deals with the state when SDS is in power. Over a several-year period, these companies monopolised the market. In less than one year after its founding, PiKCELL built a factory in Kocani for production of photovoltaic panels,” Lefkov noted. In response, SDSM once again said VMRO-DPMNE was fabricating lies. The two companies, too, demanded an apology from VMRO-DPMNE, saying they had been abused for daily-political purposes.