Different Position of EC from that of Von der Leyen about Macedonian Language

Deputy Spokesperson of the European Commission (EC) Dana Spinant, answering a question related to the statements of EC President Ursula von der Leyen given in Skopje about the Macedonian language, avoided to provide precise answer whether the EC officially recognises the Macedonian language. “The statement of Mrs. Von der Leyen means what it meas. She spoke about the language used by the majority of people living in North Macedonia, which she referred to as Macedonian language. For the other implications, as those related to Frontex, I will have to check it up to see if there is anything new and I shall inform you promptly, but as far as I am informed, there is nothing new,” Spinant said, adding that she does not want to engage in further interpretations of Von der Leyen’s statements. After this, EC President Von der Leyen reposted on Twitter a video from her speech at the Parliament of North Macedonia on Thursday, adding to it a quote “There’s no doubt that the Macedonian language is your language. We fully respect that”.