Dimitrov at Preparation Meeting in Brussels for December NATO Summit

At the invitation by NATO Gen Sec, Jens Stoltenberg, FM Nikola Gruevski will participate in the NATO Member Countries Chiefs of Diplomacy meeting on Wednesday, which represents the final preparation for the leaders meeting by the North Atlantic Treaty that will be held in London on 3 and 4 December. The Republic of Macedonia, which at the moment possesses the status of “invited” country for NATO membership, actively will participate in the conversations between the allies in complex strategic issues, according to MoFA. “It’s foreseen Minister Dimitrov to use this opportunity to reaffirm our dedication and support for the key NATO policies, as a future member country, on questions exceptionally important to the Alliance: rightful division of financial burden, fight against terrorism, adaptation of NATO policies and strategies toward changing security environment, contribution in international operations, dealing with non-conventional security threats and other issues of mutual interest,” writes the MoFA press-release. Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Gen Sec expects Macedonia to become NATO member at the start of next year. According to him, the country is very close to full-fledged membership, as it is evident by the active participation of Macedonian representatives in Brussels. Deputy Gen Sec for NATO, James Appathurai also confirmed that the country’s membership has not been brought to issue and that the only temporary obstacle is the Spanish forming of government.