Director of Protocol at MoFA Submits Resignation After Blunder with Flag

The director of protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs resigned from his position due to the mistake with the Slovak flag during the visit of the head of the Slovenian diplomacy Tanja Fajon in Skopje. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani informed about this Monday night, and added that he accepted the resignation. The blunder happened ten days ago when the Slovakian flag was placed in a Slovenian place, in Osmani’s office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during his meeting with the Slovenian minister. “It was one of the ten flags and when you have an intense agenda mistakes are made. The director of protocol resigned although he had no direct responsibility, I accepted the resignation. These are other people, and due to moral responsibility, he resigned,” said Osmani in a guest appearance on TV24. According to Osmani, the director of protocol in the Macedonian MoFA was in office for about a year, and he resigned immediately after the error with the flag.