DM Sekerinska Video Address on Pending NATO Invitation

Ahead of the July 11-12 NATO Summit in Brussels, Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska says in a video-message that Macedonia will sit on the same table with world powers over the next two days. “Tomorrow and the day after, Republic of Macedonia will sit on the same table with world powers. Our country will officially receive the NATO membership invitation. We missed this opportunity in 2008 and things have turned for the worse since. We have seen what living in an insecure country and an unstable region means. We have gone through many crises and the country stagnated in all fields. One thing has become clear over the past decade – Macedonia’s future is uncertain without open perspectives for NATO and EU membership. NATO membership is a historic opportunity and we must seize it now,” says Sekerinska in the video-message. She notes that big changes and steps have been made over the past year that have solved difficult problems.

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