DUI Official Guri and Others Detained in Police Operation

DUI official Ismet Guri, who was sentenced on Friday to 3.5 years in prison in the Titanic 3 case (a non-effective verdict), was one of those detained during the police operation on Wednesday.

As the Prosecutor’s Office and Interior Ministry said, that was done for his involvement in an organised scheme for tax fraud during his term as Public Revenue Office (PRO) deputy director. There are 15 suspects in the investigative procedure. Among them are also Guri’s son, businesspersons, and PRO employees. According to the information, in 2020 and 2021, suspects, through eight legal entities based in Skopje, would issue bogus invoices and requests towards the UJP for a tax return.

The companies would be used to issue fake invoices towards one another, though actual business activities didn’t exist. Damage to the Budget exceeding 830,000 euros was caused. Guri and two other suspects have each been issued a 30-day detention measure.