DUI: VMRO-DPMNE is Against Ethnic Albanians as State Institution Heads

According to DUI, VMRO-DPMNE’s constant reactions are a clear indicator of that party’s clear goal against ethnic Albanians as heads of state institutions, exactly at a time when the country sees significant progress in the important political processes to unblock its EU path. As Ali Ahmeti’s party added on Tuesday, its staff in that regard are engaged with full legitimacy from the people in cooperation with coalition partners. Commenting on the developments, Alliance for Albanians said it was known to all citizens that DUI had always been spoiled, not harmed, by stakeholders from the ethnic Macedonia blocDUI responded to the Alliance for Albanians’ stand, saying its leader, Ziadin Sela, and the party’s Secretary-General, Arben Taravari, had joined the anti-Albanian campaign and describing them as the “unsuccessful putschists of Levica and VMRO.” Regarding the video posted by Ahmeti, SDSM said it didn’t comment on political marketing. “The relations with DUI are stable, normal,” the party said.