DUI’s Osmani: Opposition without Consistent Stand over Constitutional Changes

Foreign Minister and DUI Vice-President Bujar Osmani considers that all demands of the opposition are being fulfilled. “The PM can freely activate the DUI Ministers’ resignations once the constitutional changes without there being a need for a new decision by the party,” he noted.

As Osmani noted regarding the opposition, it doesn’t have a consistent stand because it first said it would vote for constitutional changes if there were no new requirements, then, it asked for guarantees for the international community to vote in favour of the changes, then, it asked for DUI to leave the Government for it to vote the changes through. “It has constantly changed stands.

Do you know why? Because they cannot find a counter-point,” Osmani noted. According to Osmani, his party has made its step. “We expect the other parties to do their part of the work. There, also regarding the opposition for dissolution of Parliament – if they care so much only about elections, once the constitutional changes are voted through and the European perspective of citizens is provided irreversibly, we will have elections,” Osmani noted.