Ercegovic: Money transferred to Project Coordinators used for Projects only

Jasna Ercegovic, the Vice-president of the NGO International Council, managed by “Racketeering” case suspect Bojan Jovanovski, denies the claims in certain media that funds the organisation gathered for humanitarian purposes were not used for such means at all. “International Council is already cooperating and concluded contracts with two well-renown associations in the country. I responsibly claim that the money transferred to the project coordinators have been used strictly for the necessities of the projects and nothing else. The honorarium paid to one of the coordinators Liljana Todorovska was already investigated by the Finance Police, and they concluded there is nothing illegal about it. No one from our organisation has been prosecuted or contacted by the authorities for any case of financial illegalities,” Ercegovic claims. Todorovska on the other hand, previously claimed that 720,000 euros were transferred to a bank account of hers, but were immediately withdrawn by the International Council.