EU Delegation Head issues Statement on amendment of Public Prosecution Law

On Thursday, the Head of the EU Delegation to Macedonia, Samuel Zbogar, issued a statement on the amendment of the Law on Public Prosecution. “The EU follows closely the preparations to amend the law on public prosecution to incorporate the functions of the Special Prosecution Office (SPO) as a part of the Public Prosecution Office. We recall that the SPO was established by the major political parties through the Pržino Agreement to ensure accountability for the illegal interception of communication and their content. The SPO has contributed significantly to re-establish accountability and to fight impunity. It is of utmost importance that the SPO continues pursuing those responsible in a professional and independent manner. We have been closely following discussions between the Government and main opposition party on the draft law. We urge all parliamentary political parties and distinguished members of the Sobranie to positively consider the adoption of the legislation. This will demonstrate to the citizens as well as to the international community the commitment to establishing accountability for all crime, especially high-level corruption and misuse of power, but also to strengthening the rule of law in the Republic of North Macedonia. It will also contribute to citizens’ desire for rule based and fair society which ultimately is at the heart of the EU enlargement process,” the statement reads.