EU Delegation: Screening Process for North Macedonia Started on 19 July 2022

News web portal “360 Degrees” addressed several questions at the Delegation of the EU in Skopje, after VMRO-DPMNE Leader Hristijan Mickoski claimed on several occasion that North Macedonia has not started the screening process for accession in the EU. It has been suggested that the screening process that started on 19 July is the same as the monitoring process that has been on-going since 2005. This is clearly inaccurate and misleading. Yes, the screening has indeed started on July 19 2022. This a distinct and different process from the monitoring process that started in 2005. The first Intergovernmental conferences opening the accession negotiations process with Albania and North Macedonia took place on 19 July, following the approval by the Council of the negotiating frameworks of North Macedonia and Albania,” they responded from the EU Delegation.