First Interview of Gruevski after his Escape to Budapest

The former PM of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski appeared on a national television for the first time since his flight to Budapest, giving an interview for Sitel TV. “I only used my ID to reach Hungary. I was able to cross from Macedonia to Albania, and when I arrived in Tirana, I filed asylum application to the Hungarian Embassy there, and after I was granted asylum, I entered Hungary with a special document from the Embassy in Tirana. Whether I left Macedonia in a legal or illegal way, I leave it up to the current government to find out. Despite the fact I was a target of political prosecution by the government through numerous rigged criminal cases, I was ready to go to jail, but then confidential contacts of mine informed me that I was to be assassinated while in jail, which is why I changed my decision and left the country, and the current government did not provide me any assistance to leave Macedonia. I certainly intend to return to Macedonia one day. I will not stay in Hungary permanently, but only for a while, to shelter myself from the political prosecution of the current Macedonian government. I will also be writing my memoirs here,” Gruevski said in the interview for Sitel TV.