Former PM Gruevski still not in Prison

Former PM Nikola Gruevski is still not in prison. On Friday, last working day of the week, the Criminal Court had an unsuccessful attempt to submit the decision on the two-year prison sentence in the Tank case to him. Court submitters didn’t found Gruevski in his home. His wife, Borkica, told him he had gone out. That means that the former PM will not be in prison at least until Monday. Journalists had been waiting for the former VMRO-DPMNE leader to arrive in the prison in Suto Orizari until late on Friday night. On Monday, the decision will either be submitted personally to him at the Criminal Court, where he needs to appear for a hearing over the Titanic case, or sent to his home address. If the Court determines that Gruevski is avoiding acceptance of it, the following steps are a warrant or taking him to prison with police officers. According to Telma TV, it shouldn’t be expected that Gruevski will receive the final decision on Monday because the hearing over the Titanic case has been rescheduled for Wednesday because the big courtrooms are reserved for the Monster and 27 April cases. However, the Court will not wait until Wednesday. It is adamant that it will make on Monday the final efforts to hand the decision and that if Gruevski will not report to prison, starting from Tuesday, police will be looking for him.