France Sends Signal Reforming of EU and Accession can be Simultaneous

А signal has been sent from France that the reforming of the EU and the EU accession process of Skopje and Tirana can take place simultaneously. Ambassador Christian Thimonier said on Tuesday that the European Commission had done serious things in terms of the reform of the methodology on the basis of France’s proposals. “From our side, another issue – the reform of the functioning of the EU – exists because it makes no sense for us to accept you in a country where there is no order. From that standpoint, I will say the processes can take place in a parallel manner. Because the road in front of you isn’t short, but nonetheless it is also a road of internal reforms of ours of the Union, which isn’t short either, but they will unite, most likely, and I think we will need to work in that direction,” the French Ambassador said. According to him, the fruits of that will be seen very soon. Though he didn’t want to mention dates, Thimonier said he hoped a start was very soon. Nonetheless, the Ambassador also stated that France wished for a process that would have different stages, see progressive integration, and enable progress on the basis of own rhythm and efforts. The Ambassadors of Italy and Germany, Carlo Romeo and Thomas Gerberich, respectively, were among participants in Tuesday’s debate on Macedonia’s EU and NATO perspectives as well. The former said his country had given own proposals to overcome the problem in the debate on enlargement, adding that it had a single condition. “The revision of the methodology of accession must neither be a precondition nor delay the opening of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania,” he stated. The German Ambassador pointed out that his country pledged for the process to be more transparent. However, he also said that Skopje should be offered a clear European perspective. “Germany wants a deal in March,” Gerberich stressed, adding that the reforms should be strengthened. Ambassadors of EU countries urged Macedonia to continue, in a strengthened manner, reforms, primarily concerning the rule of law, democratic institutions, judicial reforms, and strengthening of the economy.